ArithmaKids Number Snakelet


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Product Description

What is included?

Each Snakelet is a number line with the numbers 0 to 129, per alignment with Common Core State Standards.  They include directions and a place for your child or student to write their name.


Why did we create it?

The ArithmaKids Number Snakelet is the “baby” ArithmaKids Number Snake, which was created for students to see numbers in a linear arrangement, not on a grid. The ArithmaKids Number Snake is a favorite of students and the baby Snakelet can be taken home, fit in a backpack, pocket or desk.


What does it teach?

Just like the ArithmaKids Number Snake, the Snakelet is a great tool for counting forwards, backwards and number identification. The Snakelet travels easy and can be used just about anywhere that your child or student goes.


Applicable Kindergarten Common Core State Standards:

Applicable First Grade Common Core State Standards:

  • CCSS.Math.Content.1.OA.C.5 Relate counting to addition and subtraction (e.g., by counting on 2 to add 2).

  • CCSS.Math.Content.1.NBT.B.2 Understand that the two digits of a two-digit number represent amounts of tens and ones. Understand the following as special cases:

  • CCSS.Math.Content.1.NBT.C.5 Given a two-digit number, mentally find 10 more or 10 less than the number, without having to count; explain the reasoning used.


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